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Wal-Mart Trotters Fundraiser

Saturday, April 18th!

The Wal-Mart Trotters have rented the Junior Town Hall for an inside sale.  Anyone wishing to participate may rent a table for $10.00.  In addition to the $10.00 for the table rental, they are asking each team to donate an item for a Chinese auction. 
The following have rented tables so far:  Avon - 2, Tupperware - 1, Longaberger purses, Radda knives - 1, Crafts - 1, Homemade cinnamon rolls, peppersoni, and bread - 1, Cancer Awareness items - 1, Handmade jewelry - 1.  Wal-Mart Trotters are doing concession and the Chinese auction. 
Please contact us asap if you would like to rent a table for your team fundraiser!  Contact info is below.

For more info, contact:
DeeDee White
304-636-2138 (work Mon-Fri 7-4)
304-823-1518 (home)